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Welcome To Audubon Painting! How Can We Help You!

We appreciate you visiting our site! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have! We are happy to help and ready to work on your call!

Who We Are

Founded in 2018, Audubon Painting is owned by two college students with a burning passion to succeed. After completion of a business internship in 2017 Shawn (right) and Jason (left) decided to put their newly learned skills to use in the real world. After just three months in business, Audubon Painting quickly grew from two college kids to two college kids and ten employees. Since then the growth has continued and has no means of slowing. Shawn and Jason want their company to be the best in town!

Our Work Process

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Meet Customers

Audubon Painting will come out to meet both homeowners and family to meet the needs of customers efficiently and directly.


Audubon Painting will discuss the needs, ask questions, provide information, and dig deep into the painting problems that may be present within the house.

Design Consultation

Upon booking, Audubon Painting offers design consultations to provide test patches and insight on the design of the job. Design consultations help the client to go over and last minute thoughts or changes. 


The Audubon Painting crew arrives and is ready to paint! Our painters are good, local people who come into work looking to help you! 

Looking For Interior Painting?

Audubon Painting is currently offering 10% off for all interior painting jobs in the month of January!

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